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Cannabis Brands and Retailers Sell

Your New Super Power

  • Current, previous, and potential customer lists
  • Daily low stock and out-of-stock notifications
  • Easy access to pricing and product details
  • Detailed competitive analysis


Brands & Retailers Explorer

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Add brands and retailers to track on an ongoing basis 

Current, previous and potential customer lists

Explore products and activities for by brand or retailer

Brand and retailer specific market analytics

Products View

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A tabular view of products listings on retailer online menus

Filter by category, dispensary and availibility

Easily export data to run external data analysis

Activity View

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A real time, customizable signal for your market

Research the activities that matter including out of stock, low quantity, competitive pricing, sale begin and end dates, when your product is back on a menu and much more.

Filters allow you to drill down to specific activities at specific dispensaries giving you.

Dynamic Store Locator

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No more manually updating store locations!

Easily add a snippet of code to your brand website

Allow visitors to find in-stock products at local dispensaries.

Teams That Get Lit With Us

How we do what we do

We crawl publicly available menu data every hour during business hours and aggregate it into one easy to navigate spot. We give you a directional picture of the important activities happening in your market, including sales.

The Reviews Are In

"Lit Alerts has given us a superpower: clear, accurate, up-to-date data in a world of shadowy guesstimates. We use Lit to empower our sales and marketing teams to make more sales, better connections, and strategic bets. We're lean, and we judge every tool we bring in critically. Lit has been a winner."

Zoe CohenZoe CohenVP, Marketing: Root & Bloom, Crispy Commission, Goods, Leaf Laboratories

"LitAlerts has become an indispensable tool in our daily operations, especially for efficiently monitoring stock levels. Its precise alerts enable us to proactively engage with stores, ensuring timely replenishment and maintaining optimal inventory. This has not only streamlined our ordering process but has also fostered stronger relationships with our retail partners."

Jason ReposaJason ReposaFounder

"We can't get enough of this data!  It has totally changed our sales strategy and is working in a major way."

Bryan StanfieldBryan StanfieldCFO, Freshly Baked

"Lit Alerts has revolutionized the way we manage re-orders. By leveraging sell-through data scraped from online menus, we can work smarter, not harder. Their software ensures we stay ahead of demand and streamline our inventory management process effortlessly."

Derek DambrosioDerek DambrosioChief Marketing Officer / Head of Sales

All Features - One Price

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  • Unlimited Data & Categories
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • No Long Term Commitments
  • Includes Store Locator
  • 30-Day Free Trial

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